Resource Deployment


Whether you are looking to reduce your hiring costs, expand your contingent workforce or have a combination of needs, ATI’s engineering staffing solutions are the answer. We are specialists, not generalists–helping our customers locate and engage top technical and program/project management talent.

Leveraging our extensive professional network and thorough methodology we identify, screen, and engage potential candidates. As the recruiting and placement arm of an engineering company we are better able to understand your engineering-specific problems than our competitors. We face the same problems you face as an engineering company, and our internal engineering experts help screen/interview candidates. This enables us to more effectively screen candidates than other placement firms.

We are committed to finding the most effective staffing solution to fit your engineering talent requirements – whether for contract, short-term assignments or full-time positions. We locate highly motivated and qualified engineers, designers, program managers, subject matter experts, and engineering support professionals available for a wide range of engineering industries and disciplines. Our extensive database of engineers enables us to offer rapid response times.

We offer project-based staffing and total facility outsourcing. Our extensive employee support plan post-deployment, including support from Maumee if necessary, increases the success of our staffing solutions.


If you are interested in learning more about ATI’s Resource Deployment solutions contact us today!