Product Development



As part of the overall product development process, it is important to consider how a product will be used by the end customer. The potential impacts of customer usage are captured in a FMEA, which leads to the development of a validation testing plan (DVP&R).

ATI engineers develop full validation plans as part of the product development process, and then conduct the validation tests to assure that your product is ready for the customer.


Testing Expertise Includes:

  • • FMEA
  • • DVP&R
  • • Test planning
  • • Virtual testing
  • • Mechanical and electrical system design validation
  • • Design of special test rigs



ATI supports the product development process with both virtual and physical prototypes. From 3-D visualization, to mock-ups that help assess functionality of a system concept, to rapid prototypes to full representative prototype hardware, ATI can supply the right prototypes at the right time in the process to help you assess your new product design.


Areas of Expertise Include:

  • • Program management
  • • Functional system mock-ups
  • • Virtual prototyping
  • • Rapid prototyping
  • • Fabricated sheet metal (light and heavy gauge)
  • • Machined housings and shafts
  • • Gears
  • • Complete gearboxes
  • • Vehicle build


Manufacturing & Launch Support

ATI is located in the hotbed of automotive manufacturing. The Southeast Michigan/Northwest Ohio region has supported the wheeled vehicle industries for over a hundred years with outstanding facilities and capabilities that enable the manufacture of any type of product.

ATI has been engaged in the support of many of these facilities as an extension of our product development efforts for these manufacturers.


Areas of Expertise Include:

  • • Process and equipment layout
  • • Fixture design
  • • Material handling equipment design
  • • Product launch support


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