ATI provides engineering solutions for the world’s leading automotive companies and their suppliers. With over 25 years of product development experience in the tough environment of the U.S. Auto Industry, ATI has the experience and capabilities required to consistently deliver world-class solutions to the engineering issues present in the highly competitive automotive sector, including:

  • Developing low cost solutions
  • Reducing mass to support improved fuel economy
  • Reducing cost and weight without impacting reliability
  • Getting products to market faster

Using the latest technology, we design a wide range of solutions for our automotive clients ranging from active suspension systems to electronically controlled drive trains. Each system we develop is taken through an exhaustive product development process. Our highly-effective process enables us to monitor and track every aspect of the development process, keeping our customers informed and ensuring that we always meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our experience in both traditional solutions and our knowledge of hybrid and EV systems can meet any challenge. In addition, our optimization process make us the ideal engineering partner to support weight reduction programs and help develop and integrate new technologies.




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