Our team is capable of modeling nearly any static or dynamic situation, by combining engineering theory, product knowledge, and state of the art software packages.

ATI’s CAD and analysis personnel offer mechanical and electrical systems design, stress analysis, deflection, fatigue prediction, modal analysis, and computational fluid dynamics (fluid and air flow modeling), design for manufacturability, and material selection services.

Our engineers evaluate product functionality, structural integrity, wear resistance, and manufacturability. The depth of our professional engineering experience and software capabilities enables our engineers to adapt to unique project requirements.

Our product engineering group’s extensive experience in manufacturing processes includes plastic injection molding, thermoforming, plastic and aluminum extrusion, machining, metal stamping, metal casting, drawing, four-slide and other manufacturing processes.



Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Mechanical and electrical systems design using any of the major CAD packages

  • Manufacturability

  • Material and process selection

  • Design review

  • Benchmarking






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