Become a Big Fish in a Small Pond!


At Segula ATI “small pond” does not mean small company. Segula ATI has a large presence in many different industries and areas of expertise.  The small pond refers to the culture of historically outstanding value and service Segula ATI provides to its customer base.

In that small pond, there is more absorption of knowledge in many more facets of the company, and that means the ability to meet challenges, do more, and have more fun, all while building a career.

Being a big fish in a small pond, an employee has more accountability, and more opportunity leading to responsibility. As a big fish, an employee’s career is sure to be more fulfilling due in part to their roles being more empowered and functional.  In short, that employee, and the actions performed by that employee, are always essential.

Be a part of your own success here at Segula ATI, while having immediate impact in the areas of design, engineering, project management, and analysis.

To learn more about career opportunities with Segula ATI, contact Linnelle Nemcek at with a copy of your résumé!